Established in 1990. Over the years it became the leader company with its unique Mediterranean species and baby fish(fry fish) production in Aquaculture business in Turkey, as well as in Europe. Akuvatur has an integrated aquaculture business model from fish egg to the portion size product, including broodstock facility, hatcheries, feed factory, cage facility, packing facility and sales channels. Overall 240 employees, at 6 production units, a packing facility and a headquaters located at 3 different cities of Turkey. Akuvatur fish are naturally raised and fed with GMO free ingredients. The feeding regime of our special Mediterranean is called semi-moist and it conforms with «wild catch» fish. That is why famous world cities sell our products now as «wild catch». Akuvatur fish are individually labeled in company’s EU certified packaging facility: Company has all necessary international certificates(BRC,Global GAP,ISO etc.) that meet the requirements set out in the global standards for food safety, packaging and supply chain for its fish production and fish feed. For more information please visit www.akuvatur.com

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